Our team has wide range of experience in the field of Indian direct and indirect taxes. We help in tax compliances for all level of business and persons from individual level to corporate level, Build sustainable tax strategies for new or existing business. Our team has also experience in the international taxation, transaction taxes, Transfer pricing, Professional tax, representation before tax authorities, Tax Due Diligence, Goods & Service Tax

Direct Taxation
Direct Taxation includes Personal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, ax and Professional Tax. We provide following services under Taxation for all categories of assesses defined under Income Tax Act:

  • Income Tax & Corporate Tax Planning
  • Review of applicability of ICDS and related Disclosures
  • Income Tax calculation, deposit & Income tax Return filing of all level of businesses from individual to corporate level
  • Representation before the Income tax Authorities, Income Tax Assessments
  • Different registration under income tax 80G, Establishing Gratuity fund, Provident Fund and other employees benefit schemes and there approvals
  • Tax Due Diligence

Indirect Taxation
Indirect Taxation includes the taxation which is to be borne by the consumer. It includes GST, Custom Duty, VAT (where GST not applicable). We provide following services under Taxation for all categories of assesses:

  • GST Advisory, Opinion & Representation
  • Pending Tax assessments
  • Indirect Tax Health Checkup
  • GST registration, deposit, periodic filings of Returns
  • Retainership
  • Advice on Import Export under Custom Act

Transaction Tax
Our team support in major business transaction in Investment readiness, business restructuring and help investors in quantify & identify the business risk

  • For sale of Business or its assets
  • For Acquisition of Business
  • For Capital Structuring / Restructuring
  • For Merger / Demerger
  • Business Planning & Modeling Support

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